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2017 the year I am determined to banish my adult Acne. I have a range of new skincare to try out that you will be seeing soon and the first of them is this Tropic Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum! 

A shot of healthy greens that boost your skin’s natural defences and nutrient levels.

This serum is especially effective on skin that is irritated, red, sensitive, blemished and tired looking, and is perfect for those regularly exposed to polluted environments, such as city commuters or those who travel on the motorway every day.

A bright, healthy looking complexion that’s full of vitality!

● Superfoods chlorophyll, kale and maca root extracts deliver essential vitamins and minerals to the deeper layers of your skin, to boost skin health and its natural defences.
● Soothing African marula and kendi oils (which are incredibly rich in fatty acids) help to calm skin irritation and redness.
● Tamanu oils accelerate skin repair and reduce blemishes.
● Green coffee extracts contain caffeine which energises the skin and brightens your complexion.

I have been using this every night before bed because honestly, I don't like the smell. It smells just like a green smoothie that you are putting onto your face. After I have washed an cleansed my face I place a few drops onto my face with the pipet, rub it in with my hands and then wash my hands. Then climb into bed. I have noticed my skin is smoother and my acne has lessened in redness which I'm hoping is a good sign. I've been using it about a month now so I am pretty pleased with the results so far and hope they only improve in future. It costs £42 (currently on sale for £31) but I have barely even used 1/8 of the bottle in a month so I see it lasting a really long time! You can purchase it here.

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