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Virtually everyone’s favourite comfort food, pizza is essentially life giving to most of us. Who can ask for more than chewy dough with hot cheese on it? I have taken it upon myself to review London’s best pizza places, and why they are the go-to choice for many avid pizza eaters in the UK.


For those who prefer the traditional wood fired ovens, Homeslice is right down your alley. Boasting a delicious thin-crusted pizza and a generous size, you will not leave the table feeling hungry after dining here. Homeslice takes traditional pizza and offers UK-friendly toppings to add a twist, such as haggis and pork belly. The dine-in experience is cosy and friendly, making it one of the UK’s best pizzerias.

Venice Pizza

If you are looking for a fair price point but seek quality and selection, Venice Pizza has you covered. This popular pizza joint boasts your favourite go-to pizzas such as Hawaiian and Meat Lovers, but also offers a wide selection of lesser known types for you to experiment with. Venice pizza has also partnered with takeaway specialist Hungry House, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to experience the mouth-watering dishes from this place.


An upscale, intimate and romantic dining setting awaits you at Tuscanos Pizzeria and Bistro in London. At Tuscanos, the place looks expensive due to its upscale nature but a quick look at the menu will rectify that. Boasting pizzas and pastas, this joint is well known for quality Italian food for every type of person. The staff is warm and friendly, and more than willing to help you with wine and appetiser pairings to further compliment your meal.

Sacro Cuore

For an authentic Italian-feeling dining experience, head on over to Sacro Cuore on Chamberlayne Road. This little restaurant has a lovely drawn to boost a rustic dine in experience for each guest. The biggest thing people rave about at Sacro Cuore? The quality of the pizza dough, as it is properly stretched and rested to ensure quality in every bite. This Neopolitan pizza-style joint will not disappoint.

Frank and Gus’ Pizza

A popular mum and popshop for locals, Frank and Gus’ Pizza offers quality food and service. This gem has been around London for over 40 years, proving its own popularity year after year. With loads of traditional pizza options, paired with custom DIY pizza orders and a variety of ingredients, Frank and Gus’ Pizza has kept their prices low and their customers’ content. Head this way if you are looking for a comforting and home-y dining experience.

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