little mix gold magic Eau De Parfum

I got this gorgeous roll on perfume for Christmas from my boyfriend. I had been wanting a roll on perfume for ages to throe into my handbag. This is the Gold Magic scent by Little Mix. Here's what The Perfume Shop say about the scent : the fragrance itself delivers against the bands strong desire to create a scent that never stops surprising the senses. Opening with a burst of playful hints of fruit, the captivating powdery velvet heart, pretty violet tones and more aqueous watermelon are both refreshing and sophisticated. The base is musky and warm but also sweet and hypnotic.

 Top notes : Lemon Meringue, Raspberry, Red Apple.
Heart notes : Watermelon,Powdery Note, Violet.
Base notes : Ambergris, Blonde Woods, Musk.
I am a huge fan of Lemon Meringue watermelon and wood scents so this is the absolute perfect scent for me. I don't know if it's because it's in roller form or because it's an Eau De Parfum but it is a super strong scent when you first apply it and as it hits the air it settles out into a gorgeous scent. I would love to own the bottle version! You can get this roller version here.

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