This is a very famous foundation and I was so glad to finally get my hands on it when I won a gift card to farfetch. I have never owned anything by Kevyn Acoin before but I have heard so much about this and how great it is for people with acne like myself. It is claimed to be the most pigmented spot foundation available and one pin head amount is enough to cover one acne scar / spot. 

It  comes in a tiny pot that you think, wow that's a lot of money for so little product, however as I said a minute amount really does go a long way because it's just so pigmented. It is incredibly thick and from the image below it looks like I haven't used it, but believe me, I dip my finger onto the end of the little whip sticking up, and that minute dot is enough to cover my chin, no joke.  

I tend to mix a little oil into it on the back of my hand if I want to create a more sheer effect as if you're not careful it can look a little cakey, you do really only need a little amount. I also don't use it every day, only when I want a serious coverage like date night or a wedding. I am so so pleased with this foundation and would recommend it to anyone who has any stubborn hard to conceal areas on the face. There are 16 shades to choose from from mega pale to deep tones! I went for SX02 which is the second lightest shade just because the first shade has a yellow tone where as I am more pink toned.

You can barely see it on my arm above but I applied a little to a mole on my arm just to show the pigmentation, yes you can still sort of see it but I'm usually covering red scars not brown moles, however you can still see how well it covers! You can buy it here for £38.

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