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I feel it's time I review this Pinita Colada* Body Sorbet as I am currently on the last few pumps of product. If that doesn't show that I love d this product I don't know what will! I still find the whole sorbet feel really odd and hard to describe, it's like a gel hybrid that sinks into the skin but has an an almost... slushy type texture on application. The scent is delicious and lasts a long time on the skin which is a plus. I read a few reviews saying it wasn't that great for people with dry skin but I have super dry skin and this worked really well for me, especially on my lower legs! I apply it every night before hopping into bed on my legs and then use whatever is left on my hands onto my arms and elbows. It smooths on really nicely and skins in pretty fast meaning that my pjs don't stick to my legs which I find very annoying with more creamy moisturiser! Overall I have loved using this product and I'm pretty sad that I'm on my last few days of use now, definitely a repurchase on the horizon!  You get a whole 200ml for only £8 which I think is a bargain for The Body Shop. BUY HERE.

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