Things I'm bad at - ironing, keeping my room tidy, rationing a chocolate bar... and cleaning my make up brushes! I'm lucky if I remember to do it once a month which I know is awful and you're probably all cringing at that, but honestly, I find it the most boring and time consuming task of all.  I know this can be a big factor in my skincare as there's no point in me using a great cleanser and then spreading bacteria on my face from an unwashed brush. My brushes are never TOO dirty as I only wear make up about 10 times a month but when I saw this B. Make up Brush Cleanser in Superdrug I thought it was something I could definitely get a use out of!

After using my make up brushes I simple give them a couple of sprays with this, rub it into a tissue to remove the old foundation / eye shadow / blush and then pop it back into my brush jar to dry. This makes them super clean, fluffy and bacteria free for my next use. This spray is only £4.99 and I know will last me a long while as it comes out in a nice fine mist and still feels completely full after three weeks of cleaning my brushes! If you hate cleaning your brushes too, or want something to use inbetween deep cleans then I totally recommend this B. Brush Cleanser. SHOP HERE.

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