Oh are you in for a treat today! This Soap and Glory one heck of a blot all day liquid to powder foundation in the shade FAIR ENOUGH (love it) is a brilliant foundation and having used it for just over 2 weeks now, I am excited to share it with you! Firstly I want to say that it is quite similar to my MAC studio fix fluid (NW10) in both smell, consistency and coverage, but a lot cheaper. 

It claims to control shine for 12 hours, give a flawless coverage and blur away any pores and imperfections, and I agree with all of it. My MAC foundation can be rather like a paint where as this has a slightly softer formulation so it blends easier and doesn't cake up on my face. In my daily make up I use my concealer to cover my spots / blemishes and then just use a small amount of foundation on any areas that need a little more coverage, this way I can build it up if I need more, but don't use too much.

I love that this foundation comes with a pump, as my MAC studio fix doesn't which is rather annoying considering you pay £22 for it where as this S&G foundation is only £9! However it only comes in four shades, but I have found that once this foundation is set, it turns into more of a powder / mineral look finish that suits my skin tone really well. 

As you can see this is half of one pump and the formula of the foundation is rather thick which gives a good coverage, and when it blends out really well into a matte (which is my favourite) finish that looks more like skin then painted on product. I am a huge fan of this (I kind of prefer it to my MAC...) and can't wait to get my hands on the corresponding primer too! 

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