After my first experience at a MAC counter I thought I would share my experience for anyone else who has anxiety or is nervous around make up counters. I have never visited a make up counter before as I have social anxiety which makes it hard for me to talk to strangers and try new experiences. This past Christmas I received the MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Studio Finish Concealer, unfortunately both were in the wrong shade! I sold them both on eBay and then headed to the Trafford Centre with my mum to pick up the right shade, I had some some research online and decided I would be the palest shade, NC15. When I got there a lovely girl at the MAC counter asked if I wanted to be matched to a shade, half of me (okay more then half) wanted to say NO THANKS, grab the foundation and leg it to the checkout but I thought, we're here and it's better to get the right shade. So I nodded and she led me over to a chair and mirror and said someone would be with me soon. 

A few minutes later another super friendly lady came over and asked what I was looking for, I said I wanted the studio fix fluid and a concealer to match. I didn't have any make up on so it was an easy task, she brought over three foundations and applied a little of each to my cheek, NC15 was too dark! She matched me at NW10 which is an even paler shade then I thought they sold, and then got me the NW15 concealer which she said would be perfect to cover my blemishes. I hopped off the chair and decided whilst I was there I would pick up another piece of MAC cosmetics that I had always wanted, the Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. All together it came to £63 which made me wince somewhat as I put my card in the machine, I have never spent that much money on make up in my life, but I flt very proud of myself for sitting in the chair and being matched, which sounds pathetic, but as someone who fights themselves to do mundane tasks I saw this as an achievement. The girls at MAC were all extremely nice and helpful where as I had heard some horror stories which made me quite nervous to go, if you are yet to approach a beauty counter or are nervous about it I'd say wander down and have a look around, say no to any help and just see how they treat the other customers and then you can always go back another day! Lets get to the haul & reviews now:

I was very lucky that I did get matched, otherwise I would have walked out with a shade too dark. The NC15 was a little too yellow for my skin tone where as this is literally like a mask of my own skin.. but better. It's a great coverage but with my rather red acne scars I still do need some concealer too. The only downside I have found to this foundation is that it smells like paint..literally, and continues to smell like paint all day. I just put my finger over the end of the bottle to get a little on my finger then dot it over my cheeks and forehead then use my RT buffing brush to blend it in. It lasts a really long time but I am still saving it for special days rather then every day as it was rather expensive.

Then we have the Studio Finish concealer in NW15. This is a super pale concealer that is a lot thicker then the ones I usually use and I am still playing around with it to get it's best use. I know not to use it under the eyes as it will crease super bad but on blemishes I haven't quite got the right application yet, it seems to smear over the spot and doesn't 'conceal it.' At the moment I am using it to carve out my brows.

And finally my gorgeous, sparkly, shimmy skinfinish in soft & gentle. This is simply beautiful on my skin, it creates a lovely highlight on my cheek bones and looks good under the brow too! It's quite 'powdery' so I tend to apply it with my fingers rather then a brush as it leaves a more natural soft effect. I'm so glad to finally have this in my collection!

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