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Hello, you lovely folk. Another Christmas has past and for me this is always the mark of a new phone contract. This year I have lept from the iPhone 5s (16gb) for £35 a month to the iPhone 6s (64gb) for £31 a month due to an amazing deal I found online that knocks a huge £100 off the handset price! I am still waiting for it to arrive but I thought I would share the deal with you whilst I know it is still available and then I will do a proper phone review in a week or so when I have some experience with it. 

about the phone deal

A 24 month 64gb 4G iPhone 6s in any shade (except rosegold) with 3GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes for £31 a month on o2! The price of the handset is originally £175 but with the code TRXMAS64  you get a whopping £100 knocked off meaning just an upfront cost of £75 for a phone that has a better deal then my current iPhone 5s! 

what's new with the iphone 6s?

I watched a ton of reviews before purchasing this deal as I had originally planned on just upgrading to the 6 model. So what makes the 6s worth it? Firstly the S model has had a much needed upgrade of it's hardware meaning no more bend gate, this also means it is minutely longer, wider and thicker but not so much that it wont fit in all iPhone 6 cases too! Secondly and what sold me on it most is the camera upgrades. The back camera has jumped from 8mp to 12mp meaning sharper and better photos with more realistic colour palette. 

The front camera now has a flash integration on screen meaning no more poor lit selfies! It also now boasts a 2GB ram instead of the normal 1GB - which in lameman term just means that loading speeds are significantly faster and smoother on this model. The biggest news from the 6s is the new 3D touch, this is a pretty neat feature that lets you choose options depending on how hard you press on the screen of the phone. For example if you press hard onto the camera app it will show you an option list to choose video, slow mo, selfie etc. It just means a slightly quicker way of accessing areas of your phone.


If you are looking to upgrade then I really recommend this deal! I can't find details anywhere that specify when the code ends so I would act fast if you want to take advantage of this great discount! Just head to mobiles.co.uk HERE and use code TRXMAS64. If you are having trouble locating the right phone, choose Apple > 6s 64gb > o2 > £25-£35 and you will see a deal that costs £31, add that to basket and then use the code. I have ordered my last three phones via mobiles.co.uk and have no bad words to say about them, they are super helpful and have the best deals I have ever found on the internet! Comment below if you have any questions!

For the record, this post is not sponsored or affiliated by/with mobiles.co.uk I just wanted to share this amazing deal with you however I am using an affiliate link!
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