Okay, before I get into this post, I have a few apologies to hand out. This post was meant to go up a few weeks ago, firstly I was super busy with work but had taken the lovely photos of the box, and then I went on holiday to Wales, On my return I realised I had deleted the images I took of the box off my SD card before I went away, thinking I had already put them on my laptop... nope. I had half written the post but with only one image on there I thought it best to just start again.. sadly with none of my own images. 'Why didn't you just take them again' I hear you ask. Well.. I'd eaten the chocolate... and the fortune cookie... and used the tattoo... so yeah. Massive apology to DTF for my delay with this post, but that doesn't take away from how much I love it. So lets get into the actual nitty gritty!

So, Death to Flowers is a pretty ingenious brand that sells ready made gift boxes full of unique and quirky gifts instead of just sending a bunch of flowers! This is the Club Tropicana Box* which has some really awesome things inside. Most noticeable the large blow up flamingo that you can use to float a drink in the pool (or bath, I won't judge!) I used it to fill with skittles in the centre of the table! Then you get a hilarious emoji tattoo which I wore with pride at the weekend! Next a lovely little fortune cookie (can you believe I've never had one before!) with a secret little message inside just for you! Then we have a delicious (so yummy) bar of 60% cocoa chocolate. Lastly a cute little vintage 1940's cigarette card with a dog on, complete with little clip so you can pop it in your room!  

There are six boxes to choose from so you are bound to find something to suit that special someone! These are perfect for birthday gifts, christmas presents or just one off little treats for friends or loved ones! See more about Death To Flowers.

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