cath kidston wish list / gift guide

It's no secret that I am a huge lover of Cath Kidston, look in any direction in my room and you will see at least two things adorned in floral and branded in the CK red. This gift guide is more of a wishlist but why not take inspiration from it and see what's available this Christmas. 

ONE - Anyone else just hoard makeup bags? Just me? This gorgeous new CK print zip bag even comes with it's own mirror! SHOP

TWO - A gorgeous fold away overnight bag, perfect for sleepovers or weekends away! SHOP

THREE - I've never tried a CK candle before but I can see myself using the glass as a nice brush holder or small vase after it's burnt down! SHOP

FOUR - I already have 2 CK aprons, but this Christmas printed one is so pretty and think of all the mince pies I could make whilst wearing it, SHOP

FIVE - Ok.. so I already have 9 CK mugs... what's one more?! And in this awesome Christmas print who can say no! SHOP

SIX - I'm not a huge fan of 3D phone cases, but this novelty santa one I think I could bare for a week or two over the Christmas period. SHOP

SEVEN - This is a stunning leather bag with one of my favourite prints! From clutch to sholder bag in a matter of seconds. SHOP

EIGHT - Another one of my current favourite prints! This large cushion is on sale, so what's not to love?! SHOP

NINE - When I first saw these I wasn't sold on it.. but the more I stare at them.. the more I want them on my feet! SHOP

TEN - It wouldn't be a Christmas wishlist without a stocking! SHOP
Which is your favourite??
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