soap and glory - make yourself youthful CC cream

Usually I am all about the BB creams and hadn't given a CC cream a try, so when I received the Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful CC Superfluid (SPF15)* I knew it was going to be a hit as I loved the MYY moisturiser! It comes in two shades, Good Light and Nude Peach. Being a pale girl myself naturally I went for the lightest shade and gave it a go as soon as I got it in my hands.

One of the great things about this product is the packaging, it comes with a pump and also a clear little window so that you can see just how much superfluid you have left! I love bases that have in built SPF otherwise I would forget to wear it and I burn pretty easily. The colour is a little too dark / orange for me, however if I use it sparingly and buff it in down my neck well I can get it to suit me. It's quite a liquid texture so you don't even need a full pump as a little spreads a long way, It also has a light scent to it that isn't overpowering. 

As you can see it is quite a different tone to my skin colour  but with a bit of work it can give great coverage. It has some serious blurbage: A gorgeous, super lightweight, multi-action tinted CC Cream that leaves skin so glowing, so radiant, so naked, it’s almost indecent. (ooooo) With a tip-top mix of:
SPF 15 to help protect your skin from sun damage. HYPERBRIGHT™ to help illuminate, lighten blemishes and even skin tone. (it really does) LIGHTSCRAMBLING SUPERBLUR™ MICROMESH to blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ENERGINSENG™, an energising, antioxidant zingiber extract. VITAMIN C, which offers anti-oxidant protection and helps to even out skintone. GLYCERIN to keep your skin soft and supple.

As you can see, it blends in well but is just a little too dark for my skin tone however with a little extra moisturiser and a good blend I can get it to work really well. This isn't my new go to base, but it's good for those days when I have a little more time to do my make up and take my time! Check it out here.

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