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For all 22 years of my life I have lived in the same town just 20 minutes outside of Manchester, so I am pretty darn fond of my City. It's hard to pick just one thing about Manchester that I love the most as I have so many memories there! There are the days when I was young and mum would pack a little picnic lunch and we would head out in the car to visit the Science Museum and the days I would hop on a train with  my friends and wander around Aflecks Palace and Primark for hours (who didn't have the year 9 emo phase?!) I visit Manchester fairly often so I know my way around like the back of my hand. 

I think my favourite thing about Manchester is Christmas. I know that sounds a bit vague, so bare with me. In winter we don our scarves and gloves and head into Manchester to shop for Christmas gifts. The lights and trees and people bustling around makes it so exciting and I absolutely LOVE the Christmas Markets. I look forward to them every year, I go at least 5 times and wander round soaking in the atmosphere, jolliness and scents of all the wonderful food. I am all about the Hog Roast, so delicious! I like the fact that the markets lead you through parts of Manchester that I wouldn't normally walk through! You get to see buildings you don't see day to day unless you live in the centre. I love hopping inside the town hall, warming up and visiting the little cafe, to get a hot chocolate and browsing the Aflecks stores inside before braving the cold again. I always find something new to marvel at and a long standing favourite since I was young is the singing Moose! Have you seen him? He is perched above the bar pretty bang in the centre of Albert Square (and who can forget the massive Santa) and he sings and talks to the crowds, I used to (and still do) think this is hilarious! 

Did you know that Manchester has a population of 2.55 million?!

Another reason I love Manchester is the Northan Quarter! Both my mum and I are very crafty and love ourselves a hobby so we are big fan of the more unique and artsy shops that you can find in Manchester. If you aren't from around Manchester and want to see more or simply want a staycation (that's a holiday that's just down the road) Manchester is the perfect place! There are tons of places to visit, shop and explore! If you are looking for somewhere to stay, Travelodge have several hotels available at pretty amazing prices, check them out here. 

Tell me about your haunt and what's your favourite place to be? Use #FLAUNTYAHAUNT on twitter to join the convo! 
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MEET THE AUTHOR: Serena Ozgowicz is a 24 year old Puggle owner with a passion for beauty, crafts and coding! You can follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you for reading this post!

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