Origins GinZing energy boosting moisturizer

So my last post was about a budget buy hydrating moisturiser, and this was the high end version I was comparing it to! I recently visited Cheshire Oaks and picked up my first Origins product, the GinSing Energy-boosting moisturiser that I have heard so much about! It cost me about £10, which for 30ml is more then I would normally spend but I decided to treat myself! (50ml is £24!) I was very excited to try it out and used it that evening. 

As you can see, it's a creamy gel consistency but also holds it's shape in the tub. To me it smells like chocolate orange, which is delicious! A small amount goes a long way which is great as there isn't much! It feels cool when you apply it and sinks into the skin quickly which I like as it means I can move onto the next thing. 

Overall, it's definitely a very nice moisturiser... but I get the same results with much cheaper products but the novelty of using something a little more high end in my daily routine makes me happy, so I won't complain too much! Will I be repurchasing? Probably not, but it will be nice while it lasts! BUY HERE.

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