nip + fab | dry leg fix

Anyone else get really itchy legs when the weather is warm? I have quite dry skin so even a small amount of sun makes my skin sensitive and itchy. My legs always seem to be the worst. One night last week it was about 1am and my legs were so itchy I couldn't stand it. I managed to resist the urge to itch and remembered that I had this bad boy in my skincare draw. It came free with a magazine about a year ago and I never used it, so hopped out of bed and applied this to my calves.  It's a creamy consistency and instantly cooled and soothed my legs and I honestly sighed with relief! It also smells yummy which is always a bonus! I climbed back into bed and managed to get to sleep. It's now sat on my bedside table ready for when I may need it again. If you suffer from dry legs or get heat rash easily, this is amazing! Buy Here.

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