As a pale chick, I stay away from most tanning products for fear of turning orange (and I have a few times) but this is the first product I've used that gives me a really natural tanned look that's not too over the top, and isn't orange in the slightest. And best of all, it smells of apricot, no hint of that fake tan smell! I first found this in B&M for £2.99 and thought I'd give it a go. At first I picked up the Light version, but have since purchased the dark version which still gives a really natural (but more obvious) look - which I perfer.

Because it's a moisturiser, it's great to apply after a shower to sooth your skin whilst tanning at the same time. It really is fast absorbing and easy to apply. If you apply daily you will get a deeper tan but I tend to use it every 2/3 days. It can be used on your face, but wears off quicker just due to how often I wash my face and the products I use. 

If you are looking for a new tan product to try, I super recommend trying the Garnier Summer Body Sun kissed Look range. It may stain your clothes a little so I tend to apply just before bed so that it only goes on my pjs (don't worry it washes out!) Let me know what tanning products you use?!

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  1. Lets Talk Beauty17 May 2015 at 18:36

    I love this too - for a natural glow. Its such a bargain & I need to stock up on a new bottle. I will have to look in my local B&M