what's in my travel backpack ft. got to have it

I am currently away in Holt Norfolk with my Sister and Dad to celebrate my Aunt & Uncles 40th Wedding Anniversary and wanted to do a bit of a 'What's in my bag' TRAVEL EDITION. I received this gorgeous Cath Kidston Rainbow Rose Backpack from Got To Have It. GTHI sell a large range of Cath Kidston products along with lots of other gorgeous brands such Estella Bartlett and Nicky James. They also currently have 20% off until 12/4/12! So.. let's delve into my travel bag, but first lets stare at the beauty. 

Is it normal to be in love with a bag? I love the grey canvas of the background an the neon flowers, oh and the straps have neon orange threads, amazing! 

In the large pocket of the bag I have 3 books, If I stay (which is a great film!) the sequel Where She Went and Flashes. I love reading and I won't have access to WiFi whilst away, so that's a great opportunity to dig into some new books. 

I also have two magazines, Homemaker which is a DIY magazine and the newest Glamour Magazine, which I had stopped buying vut I like these sort of magazines for journeys, and then of course I have my phone/iPad charger!

I may be 22.. but I am bringing this tiny Unicorn TY with me as a snuggle buddy. Judge me....

Right at the back of the bag is a zip pocket, and the great thing about it is that it does right down the lenth of the backpack rather then being short and unable to fit anything, it perfectly fits my ipad mini in which is great news as it won't be seen.

In the very front pocket of the bag I have some instant press on nails, a CK Lip Balm and a CK Travel mirror. I'll also be throwing in a bottle of water and a snack and my travel bag is complete. To see more of the Cath Kidston range available at GOT TO HAVE IT, click here.

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