Soap & Glory | The Greatest Scrub Of All

I am a huge huge fan of Soap & Glory Skincare! So when I received this GREATEST SCRUB OF ALL*  I was really excited to give it a go, not going to lie, I purposely put make-up on that day just so I could do a whole skincare routine in the evening to try everything... it contains a blend of super gentle (and tiny) silicami particles and salicylic acid-loaded scrub beads, so that more often you scrub, the more you smooth and treat acne. As you know I suffer with adult Acne so anything with salicylic acid in is a goer for me! 

The things I really love about this scrub is that it foams up as you use it which makes it easer to rub into your face, and see where you've used it rather then trying to rub invisible beads over your face. It recommends you follow up with a sunscreen if you use this in the morning as it can remove some of the UV filters in the top layers of skin as it's acting like a mini microdermabrasion but I use a moisteriser with SPF anyway so that's no problem for me. Overall I'd give this 5/5 stars as I love the packaging, scent, ease of use and the final results! 


  1. I love their mask! I think I need to try this product out, seems pretty good. Thank you for sharing

  2. Soap and Glory products always look so good! Loved this review :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x