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Pawsome* is a monthly subscription box dedicated to all things pooch. I would say made by dogs for dogs... but that would be silly. You get a large box straight to your door with 5-6 dog related items from treats to toys and heath products! The great thing is you fill out a little doggy profile with the size and age of your dog etc, and then they will send you age an size appropriate items. This is the first box from Pawsome that I have had and I was really surprised with how much good stuff was packed in here (I was kind of more excited then when I get a beauty box) Oh yes, and if you are a kitty lover, there's a box for cats too called the Purrfect-Box.

The first thing in the box is these Trixie Cheese & Chicken Strips that Puka LOVES. I have bought something similar to these in TKMAXX before and was glad to see these were a light version as we're trying to cut back on too many fats and treats in Pukas diet (pugs tend to pile it on a little, so were trying to moniter this from as early as possible to halt any heath issues later in life!)

This was a pack of 7 but Puka has already had 3, and loves them! They are mint flavoured to help with doggy breath and also made of rawhide which Puka loves. Do make sure to keep an eye on your dog if they're eating rawhide as it can be hard to digest so be sure they aren't swallowing large chunks of it rather then chewing.

Ah, onto the first toy, Puka is a puggle which if you don't know is a breed notorious for destroying toys in seconds. And this toy was no different. He broke the ball open in about 2 minutes and then proceeded to shred the rope into threads, he never uses a toy as it's intended unless it's a ball! We have had to invest in lots of rubber gel toys as that's the only thing he can't break!

As sad as it sounds. I was really pleased to see this in the box as I had been planning on getting Puka some ear drops as he is always rubbing his ears at night and won't let us wash them! We've used these twice now and I have seen the difference in him rubbing his ears so will continue to use them!

I think you'll know where I'm going with this one, yep, Puka ripped this adorable sheep apart in 5 minutes, even though it's stuffing free he managed to pull the head apart and then shred the fur... so he had to be binned. We're used to this now so we just let him have his fun with it while it lasts. 

Finally this super cute food bowl that I will be using when we take Puka over to my dads so I don't have to take his heavy ceramic bowl with me. I am extremely pleased with everything in this box and would love to carry on with this subscription as I love getting bits and bobs for Puka. 


  1. Christie O'Gorman1 April 2015 at 09:00

    This is adorable. I'm going to have to check out the cat version!

    Christie x


  2. We've heard some great things about Pawsome Box. Some of the treats & toys seem great!