Soap &Glory | Solar Powder

Usually I don't even attempt bronzer as I always end up orange and muddy looking, but when I received the Soap & Glory Solar Powder* (great name) I was surprised at how UN orange it was! At the moment I am only using the more matte shade of the two until I perfect my application so that I don't go too over the top with it but I have been including this step after my blusher and really liking the results.

I am in a love hate relationship with the packaging, soap & glory packaging is always witty but whilst it's super pretty and has a magnetic lid, I'm not sure how safe it would be in a make up bag etc, I feel it's not too secure, however just in my drawer is fine!

As you can see it has one matte side and one more shimmery bronzer which isn't a look I would go for as I perfer a matte face. I have been using a small pointed brush to apply my bronzer which works well for me as I can build up the colour and work slowly as I'm still pretty bad at applying bronzer!

Here you can see the shade difference in the two sides, one is a much lighter shimmery shade and one is a rich matte shade. I am now converte and determined to master the art of bronzing, I've been watching alot of youtube videos trying to learn the best technique for my face! Do you have any tips?

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