Soap & Glory | Thick & Fast Mascara 7 sided brush

Mascaras is one beauty product that I don't branch out with. I tick to what I know and then repurchase so when I received this Thick & Fast High Collagen 7 - Sided Mascara by Soap & Glory I was really excited to try it out!

This mascara claims to comb and curl your lashes to give length, definition and drama! It also contains collagen to help strengthen your eyelashes as you continue to use it. It has a 7 sided brush featuring a v dip so that you can reach all areas of your lashes to coat everything evenly and fully.

I love the formula of this mascara as it isn't overly wet and covers your lashes nicely without clumping, however personally I feel the brush is a bit of a gimmick and I don't need 7 sides to coat my lashes, a normal round brush would suit me just fine! I have worn this about 10 times now and whilst I don't instinctively reach for it, I do really like the formula so I think this is one I will leave in my travel bag so that I don't have to pack as much when I travel to my dads. 

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