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Along Came Betty is back with a whole new look and a whole new scent. The iconic retro range, inspired by 1950’s screen stars, has undergone a glam-over and now comes in two fruity fragrances, available exclusively at Tesco. If you remember my old reviews of the ACB range, they were a little on the tacky side but the new packaging has stolen my heart. I love the retro woman and the designer in me loves the font choices! I am oh so tempted to use the bubble bath bottle to store something in once I have used it up!

The new SAY YOU SCRUB ME* gentle skin buffer is a gel like consistency with tiny white granules and slightly larger green beads that scrub the skin really gently for a smoother skin surface without being too abrasive. I love peach, and the scent of this is so fresh and uplifting! I have used this in the shower twice now as it's gentle enough for daily use and even though it's meant primarily for the body, (so don't take my advice here) I have used it on my face and was fine, just avoid your eye area!

I love bubble bath, It's more convenient than bath bombs and doesn't leave as much mess in the bath which is always a plus! I LOVED the ACB SO MUCH BUBBLE which I finished in a matter of weeks which was a Lemon and Marshmallow scent which was amazing in the summer months (yes, I have hot baths in summer!) This NEW SO MUCH BUBBLE in Very Berry is just as amazing, I let my sister use it first as she was feeling ill, and the scent floating around the whole house. I don't really like berries (to eat) but love the scent, and it was just so fruity!

You can find this new range of Along Came in Tesco in the beauty aisle ranging from £3.99 to £5.99! Have you used anything by ACB?

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