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There are so many city's in the world that it's hard to choose which to visit first, but there's always that one city (whether it be your home town, or a weekend away discovery) that will forevermore hold a place in your heart and with every visit that love is rekindled. For me that city is Edinburgh. My first experience of Edinburgh was a family holiday back in 2009 (I was 16) we rented an apartment which I thought was very exciting and had a long weekend to explore! I have so many memories of that first trip from my first time trying candy floss (barf) to visiting Our Dynamic Earth and feeling first hand a volcano erupting (okay, so not first hand, but the room shook which was very cool!) Here are the top three reasons I love Edinburgh, and why you should too!

<< Age 16, marching up to the castle. Looking decidedly emo in my Avril Lavigne hoodie, as was the era!

 1. Beautiful Architecture. 

Bare with me here, you might not care too much for columns or gargoyles but there's no denying that Edinburgh has some simply beautiful buildings! Most obviously, the castle. I am a sucker for a castle and bought myself a nice feather quill from the gift shop on my first trip. Don't pass up on a tour of the castle as it gives you amazing views over Edinburgh and is also the perfect sun trap for you sun seekers out there. The historic places are so well taken care of that it feels like you're stepping back in time and then there is the most important Royal Mile leading right up to the front door packed with shops, cafes and funny hats. Which leads me onto point two!

2. Places to eat, shop.. and explore!

If you want a place that has tons of character, quirky stores, quaint cafés and unique museums. Then Edinburgh is the place for you! As I mentioned, I have visited four times now and always find something new hiding in a nook or cranny that I didn't come across last time. They have a huge and more importantly free museum that has three floors of animals, space, rocks and history which I could easily spend a day exploring. Then there's Mary Kings Close which I have visited twice now and have been both terrified and intrigued by each time. It's a lost town underneath the Royal Mile that you can go down and visit, but it's very dark so don't be ashamed if you need to hold someone's hand (ahem) There's the Scott Monument not for those with a fear of heights as for a small fee you can go up the 287 steps right to the top and peer off a viewing platform! So many shops and cafés to visit too, I would totally recommend Oink on Victoria Street for a delicious Pulled Pork sandwich! Basically you could stay for 7 days and visit 10 new thing every day, it's that kind of place and I love it!

3. The people and the atmosphere.

I'm not particularly a "people person", in that I won't go out of my way to talk to people I don't know, but the friendly atmosphere of Edinburgh and the people visiting is consuming. Take a look in any direction on the Royal Mile and you will see people laughing, tour groups trying on all the novelty Scottish hats or a group of men in Kilts playing bagpipes. It's hard not to be happy when your surrounded by that kind of hustle and bustle, in a completely different way to my home town of Manchester. Buskers are actually entertaining, the stalls down the sides are colourful and inviting and there's always that buzz of... Scotland. You won't forget where you are as the culture and patriotism is everywhere but not in a overwhelming way.  

So yes, you could say that Edinburgh is my favourite city and I will visit again and again throughout my life, maybe I'll even live there one day! I'd love to know what your favourite city or place to visit is, let me know below!

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