happy new year

2014 has been one hell of a year, even though it has flown by! I'm going to keep it short and sweet but here are some of my favourite moments and products form 2014:

Turning 21 & Getting Puka.

For my 21st Birthday this year I was amazingly given a tiny little 8 week old Puggle Puppy that I named Puka. I have wanted a puggle for about 6 years and he was a total and utter surprise (I had NO idea at all!) He has changed my life so much, not only is he always happy to see me, loves cuddles and provides some quality humour (he's a funny one!) but he has helped my anxiety so much. It forced me to interact with people daily in the park which in turn helped me in many aspects of my life. Without getting too soppy, he has totally changed my life and I couldn't imagine life without him!

swimming with sharks

Apart from Dogs, Sharks are my favourite animal and I have always wanted to go swimming with them! For my 21st Birthday I got the chance to do the Sea Trek at SeaLife with my sister and it was amazing, I would 100% do it again! There was only my sister and I there for that time slot so we had longer in the pool. We put on these large helmets full of oxygen and then climbed down a ladder into the large fish tank that held the sharks, turtle and many other fish. I was SO nervous before I got in but it was such an incredible experience and one that I would do again any day! 


I feel like I've taken three steps forward, four steps back with my acne this year. But I finally found the perfect products for me! I am a huge fan of La Roche Posay and the Effaclar range is perfect for my skintype! It honestly worked in one night and now I am religiously using it! I will be doing a whole post on that in early January so keep your eyes peeled!!

blog achievements and a new job

I have been very lucky to have seen my blog grow during 2014 and even saw myself short listed for best designed blog two years running (here's hoping 2015 will be third time lucky for us!) Blog design has been my world throughout 2014 and I have managed to turn it into my full time business securing myself the official and legal title of self employment (scary but worth it!) When it gets recognised it makes me so proud of myelf as I do really put a lot of effort and time into making peoples ideas into reality. 
I won't be setting myself any 'new years resolutions' as I find that, one: I will never do it anyway, and two: I can never think of anything spectacular, so all that I wish is that 2015 will be a happy and healthy year for myself and my family and friends, and all you lovely readers! So HAPPY NEW YEAR! x

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