Clothes Show Live 2014 in Photos

This year my sister and I headed once more to the Clothes Show Live. This year I was lucky enought to get a press pass! So we both got to sit in the press area which is basically the best view! This meant I managed to get loads of great photos :) Check them out below and if you want to know my thoughts on the day, or want to see a vlog, then check out the link at the end!

Jim Chapman on stage at the beginning of the show!

This is one of my favourite shots from the show. Look at those Pom-Poms!

Is this a look men will be sporting in 2015??

This guy in the middle was a right moody model! You could tell that was his MO but he often looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but on stage!

I love the burgundy look on the left! It actually looks wearable!

I don't know many models names, but I know BB! I remember watching that model show he was in then being excited I knew someone on stage last year haha. He is a great dancer too though he didn't do much this year!

                                          All I could think, is how are they dancing in those jeans?

For some reason, I really liked this couple. Love the ombre!

I have pjs similar to these trousers..

Love this look too! It's so flowy!

So these men came on dressed as PacMan characters!!

This was such a dramatic dress!

Dame Zandra Rhodes at her book signing, her hair is amazing!

I thought these taxi photo boots were pretty awesome! But we opted for the FREE one at the Guides stall!

This was the Alcatel One Touch area where they had meets with Stero Kicks (who left just as we got there)

I thought this Candy Kittens Ice Cream truch was so cute! And you can become the face!

You see the black hat with the buckle, that was ALMOST mine.. but I decided I didn't need it and put it back *cries*

This is the inside of the BENEFIT car that you could win!

This is yet another car but I thought it looked so cool!

Oasis presents Bettie the Bus!

To see a vlog of my day at Clothes Show Live 2014, click here!

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