soap & glory | daily youth 365 moisture lotion

This Soap & Glory 6-in-1 multiactive moisture lotion* is amazing! It claims to:  
- Maximise moisture levels.
- Sooth stressed skin.
- Rejuvenate tired skin.
- Improve elasticity.
- Soften and smooth.
- Balance all skin types.

First off I love the packaging that soap & glory do for their skincare, it's so easy to use and means you are able to get out every last drop rather then it being in a pump. I have been using it every morning mixed with my Botanics super serum (youthful radiance) and it makes my face really hydrated and soft. It's one of those products where you can feel instant results even as you're applying it! I haven't met a S&G skincare product yet that I haven't liked and this is no exception. I really recommend this to anyone with dry skin who needs a pick me up in the morning! It's only £12 and you can pick it up in BOOTS HERE.

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