mallzee new app!

I have been a fan of Mallzee since before they launched when they contacted me to tell me all about their service. They have just updated their app and it's amazing. Think Tinder but with clothes! You swipe left or right depending on if you like an item and it saves everything into one big wishlist so that you can come back and buy what you want at a later time. They have over 100 retailers on the app so there's plenty of clothes and accessories to choose from. My personal fave is the Cath Kidston section! Below is three outfits I have made entirely from my wishlist on Mallzee
 Hehe, look at my little face!

Mallzee is so easy to use you'll wonder why you haven't downloaded it before, It's free from the app store and you can share products you love via twitter, facebook or even email straight to a friend (I imagine this will come in very handy around Christmas for gift ideas!!) And my personal favourite thing about Mallzee is that they notify you when any item on your wishlist goes on sale, So you can grab a bargain quickly!

Check out the Mallzee app HERE. 
Let me know what you think of my outfit choices and what you think of the App!

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