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This is a bit 'work attire' but I think it's gorgeous, I'm a sucker for navy and lace! BUY HERE.


I love kilts! On men, on women, love kilts! I used to have one when I was about 7, from asda! And I really want another, I feel sometimes they can be a bit 'sexy schoolgirl' but styled the right way with some biker boot, and a leather jacket, this would be so cute. BUY HERE.


I love embellished jumpers, no need to throw on a necklace when your top has one already! BUY HERE.


A bit summery now we're heading into autumn, but this midi skirt would look so nice with a black body con top! BUY HERE.


Hello fox jumper, you must be mine! Need I say more! BUY HERE.


I love scarfs like this, they're thick enough to keep you warm without being all knitted and itchy! BUY HERE.


I am desperate to get my hands on these jeans. I currently have the blue version, and the dark gray version but these dark navy are out of stock (cries) they are super stretchy high waisted jeans that don't loose their shape! And are very very comfy! Plus, they're only £14!! BUY HERE.. (alike)


Probably a bit cold for this dress now, but you can always stock up for next year, or a winter holiday! BUY HERE.


This one is a bit unrealistic, as coats like this make me look freakin' huge. But I felt it in store and it's so bloody soft! I would love to just roll myself into it and hibernate the winter away! They also do a pink version :D BUY HERE.


I am a huge fan of fluffy pjs! And this looks so snuggly and something I would love to wear on Christmas morning! BUY HERE.


YES! Cute animal socks are my existence. BUY HERE.

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