christmas memories

It's so hard to choose a favourite Christmas experience! But it's not hard to admit that Christmas is so much more magical when you are a child. It's amazing that this bearded jolly man pops down your chimney while you're fast asleep and leaves beautiful gifts under your tree! (These days I am more excited to see the reaction of gifts I give to others!) There is one Christmas that I look back on fondly, as it was the start of a tradition that I still continue every christmas even though I am now 21! 

One christmas I decided that I wanted a wooden soldier from santa, one that looked like the men that stood outside Buckingham Palace! Below you can see the awe on my face when I received from Santa an extremely rare and precious nutcracker that was made in East Germany before the Berlin wall came down in 1989 (Though I didn't know what that meant at the time!) He came with a golden key to slot in the back, a gun to sling over his shoulder and his hair is made of black feathers. Oh and how can I forget that carefully painted face complete with curly moustache!  

From that Christmas onwards, I have received a nutcracker first from Santa, and then as I got older from my Mum after I would choose one at the German Christmas Markets in Manchester. I now have over 10 nutcrackers that come out every christmas and stand along the cupboard to decorate and stand guard. One day I would like to have a glass front cabinet to display them! I choose this as a favourite Christmas memory because it started a lovely tradition for my mum and I to go out to the markets together and choose this years Nutcracker (it's getting harder to find one I don't have, as I'm not a fan of the tacky glittery ones!) I'm not sure when this tradition will end, how many nutcrackers is too many?! 

Here's a few more photos from that Christmas!!

Sisterly hug in front of the tree in our matching coats // Let me check if there's any more presents! 

The year of the Furby!! Mine was the pink one, and I treated it like my baby! 
You've got to love the pringle duck face! And my aunt slyly leaning out of the shot haha! Also, I loved this dress! The top was velvet! Why don't we bring back fashion like this for 21 year olds?!
What is your favourite Christmas Memory?
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  1. What a wonderful post! I too find that I'm more excited about giving gifts to others than receiving them these days, but I have some great memories of Christmas as a child. I think the memories of being THAT excited are stronger than remembering some of the gifts I received. Christmas always reminds me of getting up ridiculously early, and somehow the house always felt warmer to me on Christmas day. Perhaps it was the fact that my parents had the oven on all day, but I like to think it was part of the magic!

    These days, I love to go to Manchester's Christmas Market, and as I type this I have a hankering for some marzipan strudel...yummy. This post brought back some great memories for me, and I'd love to get you on board to do a post about Christmas in Manchester on my blog (All Things Manchester) if you're interested?

    All Things Manchester

  2. Thanks Phil! That's exactly it! The excitement around Christmas was always the best bit! It was the one day of the year my body woke me up at 6.30 on the dot to wake my parents up who always sent me back to bed for another hour :p I had that marzipan strudel last year! Though my fave is the little dutch pancakes or the hog roast sandwiches :D I'd love to contribute something for your blog! I'll have a little think about what I can write up, things to do around Christmas in Manchester that sort of thing? Thanks :) Serena

  3. Mini dutch pancakes! Now you're talking...hurry up Christmas! Yeah, anything you'd like to talk about that's to do with Manchester. My blog covers...all things Manchester...so events, places to go, entertainment, student stuff etc. It'd be nice to get another voice on the blog as I've only just started out and loved reading your post! You can contact me directly at allthingsmanchesteroffice@gmail.com whenever you like :) Phil

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