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Botanics is boots own skincare brand that uses natural oils and ingredients to promote healthy skin! (hence the tag line THE POWER OF PLANTS) This 100% organic facial oil* claims to lock in moisture for uo to 8 hours and I have been using it at night. It tells you to apply a few drops with your fingertips and massage into the skin until it's sunk in. Because I use a few other products at night time, one being my acne meds I cant rub it in as it rubs off my meds so instead I have been pressing it into my skin, and I think that's been working just as well! I can tell there is a difference is hydration as I do have quite dry skin and especially my nose and chin have been softer and less dry. It's not AMAZING and I probably wouldn't buy it again... simply due to the face I don't really like using oils on my face, however it is good at it's job and keeps your face hydrated and soft through the night (so yes, 8 hours or more!) It's really affordable though at just £4.99 and you can buy it here.

Do you use facial oils?

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