baker days review

Baker Days is a cake delivery service that supplies celebratory (or just for fun) cakes straight through your letter box! These slim cakes are safely protected in their own little tin and box and even comes with candles, balloons and a Party Horn to toot along to Happy Birthday! Really pretty fab for just £14.99!

They have a TON of designs to choose from and most are personaliseable so you can add your own message or photo, I chose this adorable shabby chic design with my blog name on. You can also choose from Victoria sponge, chocolate or even gluten free cake as well as cupcakes!

As you can see I decided on Chocolate! And it was really yummy, I thought the cake was a little dense and slightly dry rather then fluffy, but it was full of flavour and for a cake that comes right through your door I couldn't want anything more, I'm not a fan of icing, but this wasn't too sweet and sickly! Just the right amount of cake for up to 4 people! Over all I loved the service, speed of delivery, taste and packaging! I would certainly order again or send a cake to a friend! 

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  1. That sure looks yummy! I also love how this can fit into a letter box no need to worry about huge boxes.

    so tempted to eat cake now!

    zara xx