garnier dark spot corrector

I'm always looking for something to rid me of my acne scarring and when I saw in Bargain Buys for £2.99 I thought, this sounds promising! It claims to brighten sun spots, age spots, acne scarring and is suitable for all skin tones! It has Vitamin C in which is proven to brighten skin and level out pigmentation.   

I love the packaging for this, it has a really interesting twist lid that you have to pop to first use it and then the tube is metal which makes it feel luxury. It has a strange smell which... when dry is a little like old pennies? (like when you hold coins for too long and it makes your hand smell)  but it wares off after a while. I tend to use this either on days when I'm not wearing any make up or just at night time. 

It's a thin and light consistency which is easy to rub into the skin though I have found one small fault with this, it dries yellow around your chic and hairline (which I assume is from the Vitamin C) but is seriously YELLOW which Is why I don't wear this under make up and make sure it doesn't touch your hairline, and rub it down your neck. Other then that I haven't seen any serious changes in my acne scarring as of yet but it's early days!

Do you use any products to reduce pigmentation?

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