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I don't think I've ever reviewed underwear on my blog but there's a first time for everything! Ultimo contacted me and asked if I would be interested in one of their 'THE ONE' bra sets and to be honest, I'm always on the look out for a new bra because I never find one that's super comfy! Ultimo have a range of bras called THE ONE that claim to be an everyday cleavage classic, ‘The One’ features a graduated foam cup and innovative satin sling that offers extreme cleavage and comfort; all in one bra. The One, now available in flirty polka dot print, is the perfect bra for women craving maximum cleavage, maximum comfort and no double boob-effect. • No Gel cleavage • Extreme comfort • NEW Racer back feature.

I of course chose the polka dot design though there is leopard print, lace and more! They are so smooth to the touch and mould onto your body kind of like a second skin with hidden support! The clasp has two hooks so you don't have to fumble around getting all three (...just me?) 

You buy the two pieces separately and the knickers are also like a second skin and range from an 8 to an 18.

I haven't tried out the racer back detail yet but will be taking this bra to Spain with me so I will try it out with my tank tops!  Now I initially wrote : It has pockets for chicken fillets (bigger booby makers) but was kindly told by Kat at Ultimo that in fact these are actually  innovative ‘satin sling’ that offers extreme cleavage and comfort inside the cup. But you COULD store a few notes in there on a night out couldnt you ;)  The bra comes in an A to an E covering a 32 to a 38.

My final thoughts on this bra is that it's soft, comfortable, gives you amazing cleavage and is a really good price at £24! The knickers are equally amazing and really soft on the skin! If you want to see all the styles available click here.

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