Tidying Up Your Dressing Table

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Whether we prefer bright, bold shades or nude pastels, or whether we go for that ‘barely there’ look or statement eyeliner wings, there’s something all us girls have in common – we’re not always the best at keeping our dressing table clean and tidy. Drop a pot of eye shadow? Just brush it until the powder disappears into the textured surface of your wooden table. Drip a little bit of liquid foundation? Just move your mirror an inch to the right to cover it. We’ve all got our own personal tips and tricks for hiding make up spillages, but it really is time to stop taking shortcuts. Here’s why tidying up thoroughly is really important: 

You’ve probably heard it time and time again, but cosmetics really are a germ hotspot. Most beauty products come with a small amount of bacteria on them when you buy them – it’s inevitable – and these bacteria grow and multiply over time, especially when your make up has been pressed against chapped lips, spots, or cold sores. There are plenty of great online resources that cover tidying up make up stains, or cleaning make up brushes, but very few tackle the dreaded dressing up table. 

But what causes bacteria to multiply even quicker is heat. So when you leave a splodge of makeup on your dressing table, and the sun shines in through the window, that stain is going to going to start harbouring all manner of nasty germs, potentially even the staph infection. Rest your hand on the stain and then touch your face, and you could end up with a very nasty skin outbreak! According to the FDA, make up needs to be kept in cool conditions – below 30 degrees – in order to minimise bacteria growth, but once it’s spilled we can’t control this 

Easy Ways to Clean :

So the big question is: What is the best way to remove make up stains from a dressing table? The answer to that really depends upon what material your dressing table is made from. 

Wooden Vanity Tables 
A textured surface can make cleaning quite challenging, but it’s not impossible. Mix some liquid soap (either dishwashing soap or laundry detergent) with some hot water, and shake it a little until suds form. Dip in a cloth, wring it out (it’s important not to soak the wood), and use it to wipe the surface of the table. Use an old toothbrush to get into the cracks. Allow the table to dry, and apply a wax coating to protect the wood 

Glass Vanity Tables 
Cleaning glass vanity tables is a piece of cake. Just sweep off any excess dust or powder, and then wipe your table with a cloth that’s been soaked in a warm, soapy solution. While the table is still damp, buff it with a soft cloth or chamois to remove streaks and bring up a nice shine.  

Metal Vanity Tables 
Begin as if you were cleaning a glass vanity table – use a cloth dipped in warm soapy water to remove the majority of the stain. Dry the table, and then use an ammonia-based cleaning fluid (you can buy these from any supermarket), which will help to prevent tarnishing.  

Upholstered Vanity Tables 
Unless you want the arduous task of reupholstering your dressing table, you’re going to need to go about cleaning non-washable fabrics very carefully. It’s best to test any cleaning solution on a small unnoticeable part of the fabric to make sure the fabric isn’t too delicate to clean, but even water is very much a no-no, as there’s no guarantee the fabric will dry ‘correctly’. Instead, the best option is to apply a very small amount of white vinegar to the stain, and sprinkle over some baking soda. You’ll see a little bit of bubbling and foaming – this is good! Leave it for an hour, and scrape the baking soda off the fabric with a spoon. Use a brush, or your hands, to remove any leftover powder, and leave it to dry. You may have to deal with your dressing table smelling a tiny bit like a chippy for a few days, but it will be well worth it!  

The next time you spill some make up on your dressing table, don’t leave it to fester and gather germs – it’s not good for your health, and certainly doesn’t improve the decor! It’s easy to start being more hygienic around the home, and your furniture will always look better for it – so give it a go!  

-I know personally this article is a big help because I am a messy make up applier and my dressing table is covered in foundation and eye shadow that I tend to just blow on to make it disappear... I hope you find this as helpful as I do!

Written by Jenny: a freelance writer with a passion for travel, baking, and all things cats. When she's not writing, she can be found exploring fascinating and exotic destinations with her husband and young daughter, or unsuccessfully trying to learn how to crochet.

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