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I picked up this Johnson's Daily Essentials Hydrating 24 Hour Day Cream for £1 in a local discount store two weeks ago, and am thoroughly in lust with this little pot of heaven! It's targeted to normal skin, but I have normal / dry skin and it's perfect for me.

You get 50ml  and a little goes a long way! I've had it two weeks and you can see from the images below I still have a lot left! I love that it has SPF15 because I can use this under my non SPF foundations in the summer and still stay safe from the sun. 

It's both thick and light in consistency so whist providing a ton of moisture it sinks right into the skin leaving a light texture behind perfect for buffing foundation or a BB cream into! It works like a primer too, I've noticed less patchy areas throughout the day and it leaves me with a natural dewy finish rather then greasy or overly matte. 

The reason I picked this up was because I saw the word hydrating and my face gets so dry throughout the day. Since using this my skin still feels fresh and soft even at the end of the day where as before it would feel dry and flaky. 

You can see here the consistency when rubbing it into the skin. I place a few dots around my face then gently rub it in, a little goes a long way and you can always add a little more if you feel you need it but never go overboard with moisturiser if you are going to be applying make up on top as it can make it slide off. 

You can buy this gem in Superdrug for £3.99 and I will most definitely be buying this again! Welcome to my home, holy grail of day creams! 

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