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In my personal opinion, nothing is better then a cute floral print. And when you think floral, you think Cath Kidston. CK have a great travel range meaning you don'y have to settle for boring suitcases, wash bags, passport covers, travel wallets and more. Here is a full love list of what's available from Cath Kidson from mugs to bags:
These quilted was bags are not only gorgeous, but also on sale! They come with two travel bottle to put shampoo in and a handy little mirror with it's own pocket, its surprisingly roomy and would fit in all you need cosmetics wise! - £26 buy here. 

I love a good travel mug and this CK one is so pretty! Keep your tea warm in the airport or on the train to the seaside. - £8 buy here.

This real leather passport case and suitcase tag will help you identify your luggage! - £30 buy here.

These zip up bags are perfect for the dirty underwear you accumulate whilst on holiday so you don't have to throw it in next to clean clothes and they come in a set of two. You can also use them to pack your underwear or a special pair of shoes! - £10 buy here.

I think this is ingenious, it's a jewellery roll so you can keep all your accessories safe and tangle free, it also has two zip pockets for rings etc! - £16 buy here.

This is one of my faves and comes in a few different styles! This one matches my suitcase though! It's a travel wallet which is big enough for your passport, travel doccuments, bording passes, cash cards and has a zip pocket on the back for euros (or just monies) it also has a strap you can attach to make it into a shoulder bag, Ingenious! - £38 buy here.

You can't beat a small purse, and this one has space for an ID card! - £12 but here.

YES! A Cath Kidston suitcase! It's gorgeous, has for wheels so you can just tug it behind you or push in front of you and is the right size for hand luggage! It's a tad pricey, but so pretty! - £115 buy here.

Are you one of those people that the second you fall asleep your head slumps, your glasses fall off (maybe just me) and you wake up with a stiff neck and can't look around for about 8 hours? Well this is for you! A doggy print neck cushion and an eye mask, yes please. - £18 buy here.

This is more like a weekend bag but a little bigger, loads of pockets, and simply gorgeous! - £75 buy here.

Are you a fan of the florals? Or prefer the more muted travel accessories?

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  1. I totally agree with you! :) I am obsessed with the floral pattern :) I've been to cath kidston shop only when I was in England and I really love it .. everything is soo cute and I wish I had some more things from there :)

  2. SO cute! I need to get sme of these ready for my holiday :) It's good to have a bright suitcase so you can see which one is yours! xx


  3. Great picks :) I have tagged you to do the Bloggers Lounge road trip style competition, if you want to do it - details are on my blog x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness