sunday sitdown #4

To be frank, nothing of much excitement or interest has happened this week, but I've missed a few Sunday Sitdowns so I thought I would pop one up today anyway... so here goes.

#1 I made two more orders to xtras.com I couldn't help myself because they brought in a few more Rimmel Apolcalips shades, and they're at £2.99 (usually £6.99) so that happened...

#2 I've started watching Castle from series one, I catch an episode here or there on TV and always enjoy it so decided to start from the beginning, think CSI meets.... fun?

#3 I'm still putting off watching the new GOT, I love the books, and the show but insist on being at least a few chapters ahead of the TV show and have lost my book! 

#4 I don't read alot of blogs.. I catch up on YouTube and then usually read a couple of blog posts here and there but the past couple weeks I've been more into reading them. Here are a few that I love reading :
Shona Louise (always!)
Me Myself And... (I love the way Rachael writes, very witty and feels like she's talking right to you)
TLOABA (always so informative and sharing new ideas and products)

#5 I've just gotten back from the Trafford Centre and picked up an amazing pair of Zara THICK leggings after seeing Brogan (tatexo) hauling them on her channel, they're the same but without the zip detailing but the sizes in there really annoy me, I had to get an XL just for them to be long enough, and I'm hoping to loose some weight soon so hopefully they don't loose shape or not fit me for very long. Also they charged me £19.99 when they were £19.95 (how dare they hahaah)

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