#1 So it's officially meant to be Spring. It started off well, Mothers day was really quite hot, and even I (who feels cold all the time) wore just a t-shirt while walking the dog, from then on it has been cold, rainy and typical English weather!

#2 I have been watching a new show (new to me) called Switched at Birth, I'm now up to date with all episodes out and I urge you to watch it! It's about two girls Daphne and Bay (Luke's daughter in Gilmore Girls) who were switched at birth and was only discovered when Bay did a blood test at school and realised she wasn't related to her parents. It has a deaf thread through it and I have picked up quite a lot of sign language just by watching. It's a really good series and one I can honestly say was 100 times better then the title lead me to expect. You genuinely like all the characters and get involved with the ins and outs of all the relationships on the show. 

#3 I have taught Puka a new skill 'Spin' he now spins in a neat little circle when commanded (and sometimes just for fun, he's a strange little dog!) We now have fetch, sit, spin and shake down, but are still working on leave, come here and down! It's my first weekend away from Puka whilst at my dads this weekend and it's weird not having the little fur ball following you around or trying to drink my cup of tea. I have mum texting me photos of what he's getting up to haha.

#4 I am trying to drink a lot more water so I've splashed out a little on a unicorn tumblr (screw lid cup with straw starbucks style) from Urban outfitters. One so that I am more tempted to keep refilling it and two so that Puka can't get his little head into my cup which he is quite fond of when you aren't looking!

#5 I have decided to enter the Company style blogger awards again this year under category best designed blog as I did last year. I made it to the finals last year and would love to get there again this year, if you are feeling particularly generous I would love if you could help me! I have a link in the sidebar to where you can vote! 

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