premature summer wishlist

Okay, so it's only march.. but we're going to Spain at the end of May and as you know, we had pretty much all our summer clothes stolen last time we were out there, and what's left doesn't fit me or isn't my style anymore, this means i will need to buy a few things to take out there with me! I get incredibly picky about summer clothing, I hate showing too much skin, I hate being TOO hot, and I hate the feeling of shorts riding up as you walk! Most places don't have their summer lines out just yet, but here's a quick early wishlist of things I've seen out already that I would like to get.

I am in dire need of new swimwear as I took all my fave ones to Spain with me and so when I saw this in Tesco I snapped it right up! It reminds me of a purple swimsuit I had when I was 7, with the seersucker material. 

I love casual tops and polka dots, so this is perfect, I'd wear this with some shorts and some converse.

No matter how hot it is, I will always feel that edge on the breeze, or be chilly when we go inside somewhere with air con, so I like to have something light with sleeves to throw on top of my outfit. This kimono is really light weight and has a slight mint colour running through it that I think looks gorgeous. 

I am all for floral, and I really need some new shorts, I'm really picky with shorts so I will need to try these on, but they look super cute!

Having said that I don't like to be TOO hot I love wearing black on my bottom half because I like the 'burn' of knowing its actually warm (does that make sense?) and I loved my maxi skirt last year so would love to rock another one, this would look great with item 6.

I think this looks like something you would pick up in Zara, and for only £8 it's a bargain. I love the lace detailing at the bottom and would be a great top to wear over a bikini if you were nipping to the shops. I would probably wear this with shorts or a maxi skirt. 

Okay, this does't scream SUN but as I've mentioned I get super chilly at night if were out on a balcony or an outside restaurant and a lot of my jumpers are more 'winter themed' so I thought this would be the perfect hybrid of floral and warmth, it's not a thick material so it's still pretty light and I would probably just throw this over a maxi skirt.

Who had jellies when they were young? *raises hand* I have fond memories of choosing what colour I wanted from the french pharmacy and wearing them to a crab infested beach, one thing you cant avoid is the blisters, but worth it to wear glittery jelly shoes. And now that its 'fashionable' for us older girls to wear what we wore when we were eight, who isn't going to take advantage! I love these turquoise jelly shoes, though I probably would perfer them to be flat.

These are actually shorts that I've seen on the Primark SS14 Press Release and I think they're so classy. They have a lining inside and then a chiffon floral fabric on the top that gives a nice swing and flow to the shorts. Again this would be a try on before you buy job, but I think they're really lovely.

Are you going anywhere this summer?

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  1. Oh my gosh! As if the jelly shoes are back on trend this year! I always remember wearing them to school with a checked summer dress haha! Adorable!

    I like that heart print top too :)

    Great wishlist, definitely getting in the mood for spring/summer!

    Laura x