lulu winter - muru necklace

I recently got the chance to choose a piece of jewellery from Lulu Winter which is a family business founded in 2011, they pride themselves on selling timeless and precious pieces of jewellery from designers you might not have heard of. I for one, had never heard of the brand MURU which apparently celebs like Pixi Lott and Caroline Flack have been spotted wearing. 
When I saw the Key Talisman I knew it was for me, I was turning 21 that week and some of you may know that Keys are a big feature when you turn 21 and I've always loved the meaning behind keys. It's sterling silver, so no worry about the dreaded green neck or irritation, they have anchors, cupcakes, acorns, wishbones etc. They also have silver, gold and rose gold versions of everything! Visit the Key Necklace HERE.
It comes in a gorgeous leather look sturdy box with purple velvet inner and a card sharing the meaning of your necklace. The necklace has the ability to change the length of the chain (41-46 cm) so you can alter it depending what you're wearing for the perfect fit. I think you would definitely find something perfect on here for mothers day! Check out Lulu Winter HERE.

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