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Soap and Glory skincare isn't one I've dappled much in, I always saw Soap and Glory as a.. 'novelty' brand, focusing more on scent and cute packaging, *holds hands in air* I was wrong. I am pretty bowled over by the quality of their skincare products, and these two suckers are now proud new groupies in my skincare routine.
GLOW JOB 75ml | BOOTS £7.33 *
*obligatory giggle* I have to say, I totally spaced while reading the packaging for this and thought it was a 'glowy moisturiser' until I smoothed that pea sized amount onto my face and did a double take. My face.. was tanned. It looks like an exfoliator when you put it into your hand because it has tiny 'micro bronzeburst neads' that pop as you apply to the face releasing a subtle tint of colour leaving a natural, sheer glow. And somehow, its the right shade for me, it's not orange, it doesn't look fake and it works well beneath my foundation. Here's some more info about Glow Job: "Raspberry Stem Cells - a super moisturising, youth-enhancing, elasticity-boosting extract (berry flux patented) from cultured raspberry stem cells & Antioxidant Vitamin E - skin toning, rejuvenating and moisture-boosting – also important for preventing damage from UV exposure."
Bright Here Bright now I've had for a while and has featured in a favourites video on my YouTube channel. I love the smell, like fresh pine trees, and the way it smooths onto the skin isn't like a normal moisturiser, it has a thicker consistency that makes your skin radiate 'health' and just makes you look awake and alive. January is prone to it's dull skin days, and this is the perfect pick me up. It's almost like a full face highlight that doesn't make you a human disco ball. Love it!

Do you have any Soap and Glory Skincare?
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  1. I nearly bought one of their face masks today, kind of regretting not ordering it now! xx

    1. I really want to try the anti blackhead mask! Going to pop into town this week and pick it up #bigspender :p

  2. I love S & G but it's so hard to find in New Zealand. We can buy it from a website in Australia but the postage cost's are ridiculous. I rely on friend's going home to UK or friend's going travelling to restock my cupboard with S & G, I wish it was more afforable and easier to buy here, it's a great brand and the packaging is cute but the product's I've tried are fantastic and it's affordable. I'm posting a S & G post on my blog next week if your interested. Just a few thing's a friend bought for me as a surprise on a trip home to Ireland.

    1. Ah, that sucks, it's always the way that there's something awesome you cant get in your country, thankfully it seems most brands are slowing making there way to the UK, so maybe get in touch with SAG and ask if they're going to expand to Australia soon as you love them (maybe they'll send you some goodies?) x