Last Minute Christmas: Candles

Need to purchase a last minute present? Candles are a perfect gift for any woman, (men too!) and makes a great house gift too. The best place to pick up a unique candle is TKMAXX (Josh will agree with me on this!) and you can always find something in your budget, with a nice twist to the design, or scent. 

If your looking for a candle with a novelty aspect, then I have just the thing to show you,  and that is Jewel Candle! Jewel Candle is a totally new concept for candles and if your'e like me and are drawn to things with gifts inside (I will always love kinder eggs!) Then this one will be right up your street!
Jewel Candle Cinnamon Bun | Ring £24.95*
So, what's the big deal Serena? Well, each candle comes with a 925, silver piece of jewellery (choose from earrings and rings) worth between £10 - £250 (and they tell you what it's worth too, so you can brag!) Either way you are getting a real bargain as it's essenctually two gifts in one. The hard bit is waiting 15 hours for your present to reach the surface, or you could just dig for it... 

Proof of the amazingness that Jewel Candle is!

EEK! Look at my ring all up in this candle. I cannot wait until I reach my gift, though I do wish they did necklaces as I am 99.9% sure this ring is going to be too big for me :( Other than that, the scent. YUM! They have a ton of Christmas scents, and every day scents too. 

I chose Cinnamon Bun because I love the smell of cinnamon and wanted to fill my room with it.

Here is another candle that is a perfect 'detox' to all those Christmas scents and something a little fresher for the new year, Ecoya.

Ecoya French Pear £9.99 (50g) *

My first thoughts when I saw this was 'expensive' but in reality it's insanely affordable. A 50g pillar jar is only £9.99 and the scents are to die for. This french pear scent is so clean and fresh and actually smells of real pear, not an artifical scent. I am holding out on this one until the new year when my room needs a hint of something new.

The essence of a crisp, tree-ripened pear is captured and blended with a hint of the creamiest vanilla. This sophisticated and rich combination is then infused with star anise for a scent akin to freshly baked apple crumble. A beautiful soy wax candle. Delicately poured into a contemporary glass jar and presented in a colourful box. Enjoy up to 18 hours of burn time. With a burn time that long, and a scent so gorgeous you can't go wrong with an Ecoya candle this Christmas!

Are you giving any candles as gifts this year? What's your favourite brand?

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  1. That jewel candle needs to be tried out! I love the novelty element of it! what could get better than a candle with a surprise in it?

    Do share with us what you got :) would love to see ^^

    lovely post!

    zara xx

  2. I've heard of a few companies doing the ring candles now, they look amazing think I'm definitely going to have to get one :). Let me know what ring you get when you've burnt it down enough too:).
    Emma | www.purpleeerose.com