Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas

A guest post by Mariela Beynon from FADS.co.uk. 

It's been said a thousand times before that we spend a third of our lives asleep. That's a lot of time spent in the bedroom, not to mention everything else that goes on in there. The point being that a bedroom should be a sanctuary away from the stresses of the modern world with gorgeous surroundings so you wake up every day feeling serene. 

Vintage inspired interior design can be done so beautifully and it's relatively easy to achieve stunning results. Lovers of all things vintage are of the mindset that even when something is practical or necessary, it should also be stunning to look at, whether it's a hint of a 1920s Parisian boudoir or divine Edwardian glamour. As with any great outfit, accessories make a fabulous interior design concept come to life. Vintage cut glass vases, antique vanity sets and framed pictures and prints are perfect bedroom accessories that give a unique look to vintage interior design. 

Exploring antique shops and markets or specialist vintage stores to find them makes these pieces seem that bit more special because it takes a little time and effort, or serendipity, but it's totally worth it. Oversize mirrors with gilded gold or white frames ooze glamour and opulence, either hung on a wall or propped up on a dressing table or chest of drawers. In a sensuous boudoir using rich, deep colours, a well placed mirror adds light and a spacious feel to lift what could otherwise be a gloomy room. A dreamy pastel colour scheme can also benefit from a mirror's reflected light and feeling of space, especially in a smaller room. 

A stack of retro leather or vinyl suitcases is a fabulously simple way to store off-season clothes or spare bedding, and a design statement in its own right. Start with the largest suitcase at the base and place the smallest on top. A stack of two or more retro suitcases can be placed on a low table or on the ground. Shabby chic or antique style furniture is a great way to use signature pieces to create a vintage look. On a practical note, new furniture can sometimes be much nicer to use; drawers that glide rather than shunt open make a vintage style chest of drawers much more appealing than genuine vintage.

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