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As a young teen I was never really into beauty as neither my mum or my elder sister used much make up and so my first real experience of the beauty world was Avon. A booklet put through the door full of colourful eye shadows, shimmery lip balms and black eyeliner. Colour Trend eye shadow creams were the first real beauty product I bought for myself. It was a circular tube that opened down the middle to display four cream eye shadows (aqua, purple, silver and gold) and a long mirror. Only took me three years to find the applicator inside the mirror! Now I don't use those eye shadows anymore but I am a big fan of Avon products. I love the exclusivity of the catalog coming to your door, yet the accessibility of buying online. We don't have an Avon representative in our street at the moment so I've been missing the catalouges but I've still been browsing online and there's some great Christmas Gift ideas!


This is a really awesome deal!! You get £31 worth of products - not to mention a really lovely quality clutch - all for £10. This would be a great gift for a best friend or cousin that loves makeup. The clutch is a black leather feel material that folds over at the top with a press stud and a tassel on the zipper. Can't tell you just how soft this clutch is and I think I'll be using it a lot around Christmas as it's the perfect size for your phone, purse and a lipstick. 

Eye Shadow Duo in Healthy Glow £6

From what I could see online, Healthy Glow is an exclusive shade to this gift set and has a lovely mocha brown and shimmery white shade. Perfect lid and crease shades. The formula is really velvety and soft and the pigmentation is lovely on top of a primer. 


This eyeliner is a lot thinner then I'm used to using and at first I was worried I'd snap it but if you wind out a tiny bit at a time it works really lovely on the lash line and you can smudge it slightly for a more smokey appearance. It really is 'blackest black' but a little transferring does happen on me because of my lid shape. Not sure why it's called a Glimmerstick because it's matte!
This lipstick is so super red that I haven't worn it out yet for fear of smudging it all over my face - that's the kind of thing I do! It's a gorgeous vibrant red that is perfect for the Christmas Season, and it certainly has some staying power, this was swatched on my arm for probably 5 minutes and it took Bioderma to scrub this off! Can't wait to rock this to a Christmas party or even on Christmas Day!

This mascara, is awesome. I usually like bristle brushes better then plastic, but this is so big, and there so many prongs (sticky..out bit?) that it coat your eyelashes really well, holds a curl and is super black. It completely seperates your lashes with no clumping! Love it!

So that's the prepare to party gift set! Five totally awesome gifts in one, all for £10. All perfect for creating a party look, with an accessory thrown in. I would love to received this for Christmas! What about you?

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  1. I have a clutch bag from H&M that looks exactly the same as this one but I paid £12.99 for it so this deal is worth it for the bag alone! What good value! x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits