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Guest Post - November
Hi, I'm Karen. I work in sales, have an online fashion store and I'm mummy to 2 year old Scarlett. Check out my blog, www.scarlettfashionblog.co.uk The party season is vast approaching. The shops are thinking about turning the never ending Christmas album on, which plays from November until January and has been since 1984. The office parties are just weeks away, so it's time to start thinking about this year's dress!  

There is always a vast choice in the high street, but what to look for? For me, the high street is a massive nono! I hate dragging myself around over heated, over loaded, busy shops. I love to shop, don't get me wrong, but there is no pleasure in tripping over people all desperately spending money that they don't have on presents that people don't want. I sound cynical, I know, but this need to over spend just because the media tell us on un thoughtful presents that generally people don't even want is just wrong. I hate the pressure that goes with Christmas...anyway, I digress! I do, however, love a good party! I generally buy online. There are a vast number of fantastic online boutiques on line now. The choice is much bigger than the high street and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. There is so much competition online that generally you can pick up some great deals and always all offer free returns now, so no need to worry if the dress is no good. 

3 great dresses for under £50 

Above you will find three great online dresses. This very pretty Yumi dress is a classic. It is simple and elegant. The red colour gives it a Christmas vibe. The dress has a lace overlay which rests nicely on the knee. It's capped sleeves and nipped in waist make it flattering and sophisticated. 

The middle dress is from Paper Dolls which is a reasonably new brand from the brand Little Mistress. It's target audience is slightly older than it LM, they are trying to attract the late twenties, early thirties. This black and cream dress is super sexy. It clings perfectly to your curves without having to show too much of your body! The cream lace detail around the waist with skinny belt accentuate your waist perfectly.  
Finally, this Yumi Christmas dress, is very festive in black and gold with metallic flower pattern. This very pretty, feminine is such as easy wear and priced at just £39. 
Christmas is a great excuse to "glam up"! Finding the perfect party piece takes time as you need to maximise it's use throughout the party season. 
So get ready to party! 
Karen xxx 
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