I have a load of hands on (oo-er) DIY type videos coming up on my YouTue channel and I thought I'd also share them here on my blog, as not all of you are readers and viewers of my face. I have at least three Christmas themed baking videos coming up! But today's video is a fashion..ish type DIY. Twistbands! Or hair bobbles as I call them! These are a super stretchy, flat fold over elastic that you can buy in a million colours and patterns and won't dint your hair if you wear it up for a long time. Interested? Watch!
Since were not on thee old YouTube, I'll list the supplies here too!

-SELLERS STORE: http://tinyurl.com/nubmmzm
-GENERAL SEARCH: http://tinyurl.com/npbbc2x

Also need:
Tape Measure (8-9.5 inches)
Fabric Scissors
Lighter, or FIRE!

I really hope you all give these a go because they're so cheap you have no reason not to! Unless you have short hair! Or just don't want to :( As I mentioned they're great little stocking fillers and can be made whist watching all these Christmas movies! Are you going to give these a go?

Sidenote: I slept with my hair up in one last night and got a slight and I mean tiny kink.. but I do roll all over the place whilst asleep!

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