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I'm Georgia Campbell and I'm the founder of Miss Crofton. We are an East London-based lingerie company, making affordable, high-quality pieces often with an element of nostalgia. Originally founded with a friend in a bedroom in a house on Crofton Road, Camberwell (hence the name) in 2008, we've been slowly getting bigger ever since. Quality has always been really important to our brand,
 and we set out to reject that idea of disposable fashion that many traditional high street stores now perpetuate. Of course lingerie is a really romantic area of the industry anyway, and we just wanted to make elegant and beautiful pieces that last, that people really love and don't tire of wearing.

With autumn just around the corner we have turned our collection into a fall sensation! With bold floras and black chiffon you can’t help but know that the snuggling up warm in front of a fire season is here! Bold black flora’s on chiffon are featured throughout and show a more sultry side of you this fall. The collection will inspire all who wear it to turn into a sultry woman from more glamorous times; you wouldn't be out of place in The Great Gatsby! Glamour and vintage are what Miss Crofton is all about and this collection definitely shows this!

To find out more or see more of the collection please go to www.misscrofton.com, or visit us on twitter or facebook!
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