Leighton Denny - Lip Duel

I don't own many Leighton Denny products and so when I received the Lip Duel, I was unsure what kind of quality to expect as I was only aware he made nail varnishes. The Lip Duel is a 2-in-1 lip product that feature a lip stain and a moisturising lipstick, you can use each on it's own or combine for a super pigmented  long wearing colour. 
leighton denny lip duel in hot gossip*
The lipstick is really soft and glides onto the lips with a really nice pigmentation, I don't wear a lot of red lipsticks but this one is just the right shade for my pale skin without making my teeth look strange or washing me out. I think I'd wear this alone or with the stain on top, rather then wearing the stain alone.
swatch of the lipstick

swatch of the stain next to the lipstick
The stain is sheer in comparison to the lipstick but when layered gives an extra tint to the finish and seals in the colour. It does transfer a little onto cups when drinking, but I just ate lunch and it didn't rub off on my food, so that's a thumbs up from me. Hate getting lipstick all over my sandwich!
far left is a swatch of the stain on top of the lipstick
Looks a bit patchy in this photo because of the flash, but in person looks really lovely and rich.
And lastly a nice photo of my large head, where you can see the colour properly.
I'm actually really impressed with this product, I'd recommend using a lip balm underneath as the stain can extenuate chapped lips, the stain has a good lasting finish and the lipstick itself is really lovely to apply. I think I may have to purchase the hot pink one! Do you own any Leighton Denny make up?

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