I have a weird love hate relationship with watches, I own quite a few, but hardly ever wear them because the weight on my strangely small wrists gets annoying, and for some reason I still check my phone for the time instead of peeking at my wrist. I was recently sent a Casio and whilst being super happy with it I had resigned to the fact in about a month it would probably join the rest of my watches in my jewellery box. 
This is the Water Resistant Ladies Casio Mini in Silver with a Burgundy Face £24.75

I wore this watch the day it arrived and pretty much haven't taken it off since - except to shower. It is so incredibly light, that I forget I'm even wearing it but it reminds me every hour with a little beep. It has an alarm and also displays the date! I wore this whilst in Spain and because it's water resistant, little splashes from the ocean or random sweat won't stain it! One of my favourite things about this watch is the amount of ease change the size has. You simply slide the clasp up to as far as you need it and clamp it back down. So it fits me the best of any watch I've ever owned. 

That and the fact it is so light, I can see myself wearing this for a really long time. I'm usually an analog watch girl (even though it takes me a few seconds to actually tell the time.. yes I'm slow) but just love the ease of this, I can just look and read the time. Look at me getting with the times. (pun.. not intended) I more then recommend this to any girl (or boy) looking for a super light weight easy to wear watch. When I first heard of Casio watches I automatically assumed they were an expensive brand, but this watch is just £24. That's present material! What do you think about this watch? Do you own a Casio? Shop here.

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