a lush christmas

Here's a quick review of the LUSH Snow Fairy Cone Gift Set. You can pick this up in the traditional box, or in a cone like I did. The cone is a little more bulky and once opened the filling goes everywhere, so bear that in mind if this gift is for a neat freak! 

Inside you get three Snow Fairy scented products, a mini shower gel (100ml), the Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar, and an Angel Delight soap. Each have the signature Snow Fairy scent and are a perfect gift for anyone who has a sweet tooth (just don't let them eat any of these, ok!) My personal favourite is the Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar, not just because the name makes me want to dance, but I love how buttery it feels on the skin, it leaves behind tiny shimmer particles that makes me feel like a fairy and the smell lasts on my skin. It's really lovely! I'd say this was a gift perfect for tweens, to young adults. Though I'd probably enjoy this at 60 too! Do you buy gift sets from Lush? Have you ever gotten a Lush gift set for Christmas?

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  1. The Snowfairy shower gel is one of my favourite Lush products of all times and I've stocked up properly this season, so I think it will last me all the way up until next Christmas LOL. Xx